How To: Make a buttery nipple mixed drink

Make a buttery nipple mixed drink

Learn how to make a buttery nipple mixed drink.

The buttery nipple is a layered shooter that's easy to concoct – it's got just two ingredients!

You Will Need

* A shot glass
* Butterscotch schnapps
* Irish cream liqueur

Step 1. Pour the schnapps

Fill the shot glass halfway with butterscotch schnapps.

Step 2. Layer with Irish cream

Slowly pour the Irish cream liqueur on top of the butterscotch schnapps so that it creates a second layer.

Step 3. Serve immediately

Serve the shot immediately. Enjoy!

Tip: If the Irish cream liqueur sinks, try spooning it slowly on top of the schnapps.

Fact: English candymaker Samuel Parkinson coined the term butterscotch in 1817.

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