How To: Mix a sweet and sour absinthe frappe cocktail

Mix a sweet and sour absinthe frappe cocktail

Absinthe is a legendary drink prized by artists, writers, and intellectuals for their "magical" ability to stimulate the imagination (ie. to make people hallucinate) and spawn artistic endeavor.

Learn how to mix up an absinthe frappe by watching this video.

Sours or frappes are made by combining alcohol, egg white, lemon juice, and sugar. The result is a delicious elixir with a creamy body and a nice balance between the sweet from the sugar and the sour from the lemon.

Many people are turned off by the fact that there is a raw egg in the mix but this is honestly one of the most delicate and delicious cocktails you can make.

Le Tourment Vert is used in this video but you can use most brands for this, although each will taste different.

1 shot absinthe
1 egg white
1 teaspoon sugar or half an ounce of bar syrup
Juice from half a lemon

Build drink in shaker then add ice.
Garnish and serve.

Additional ideas.
Substitute frozen berries for ice - don't strain, serve the drink with the berries.

Add a bit of Cointreau to the mix. A quarter to a half shot can make a big difference.

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