How To: Make an orgasm mixed drink

Make an orgasm mixed drink

Learn how to make an orgasm mixed drink.

An orgasm shooter is a layered shot made with coffee, cream and almond liqueurs. It's a rich and creamy drink that's sure to please!

You Will Need

* A shot glass
* Coffee liqueur
* A bar spoon or other long-handled spoon
* Irish cream liqueur
* Almond liqueur

Step 1. Add the coffee liqueur

Fill the shot glass one-third of the way with the coffee liqueur.

Step 2. Add the Irish cream liqueur

Position the bar spoon face down over the shot glass and slowly pour in the Irish cream liqueur over it until the glass is two-thirds full.

Step 3. Pour the amaretto liqueur over the Irish cream

Place the bar spoon face down over the shot glass and slowly add the almond liqueur. Fill the shot glass to the top.

Step 4. Serve immediately

Wait a few seconds for all three layers to separate before enjoying the shooter. Drink it all in one go!

Tip: The Irish cream rises to the top because it weighs less that the coffee liqueur.

Fact: There are almost 100 calories in 1.5 ounces of Irish cream.

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